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Puppy Love.

Updated: May 18, 2020

We have a puppy. Sorry cat people. The meaning of puppies.

Our puppy arrived Wednesday this week. It is called Sushi –  you couldn't be more middle class than this with a Japanophile daughter... the alternative Mochi did not work as it means boogers in Romanian. Our lives will never be the same again. It's like before and after our daughter.  We always loved #dogs and knew at one point when we would stop travelling that we will get one. However, we never knew that is going to be Covid-19 that will provide the perfect opportunity for this.

There are millions of reasons why people get a puppy. My reason for getting a puppy right now is that we are all three at home, and we can share the load. In normal circumstances, I would have been the leading mule to take that extra responsibility.

I hope Sushi will teach me to delegate and be disciplined with my time. Also, I love receiving unconditional love, who doesn't?"

My husband loves dogs and babies. They have the same effect on him, of softening at the edges and grounding him. I love seeing that side of him. 

Our daughter, she is a single child in desperate need of more responsibilities to take on and to have a pet that can handle endless details on whatever teenagers talk about these days. Of course, her reason is pure #love for #cuteness. She is a teenager, after all. 

However, none of these reasons would be so clear to us if we wouldn't have borrowed for a few years a dog Jeri, from BorrowMyDoggy. The cockapoo we were lucky enough to take care of really put things in perspective. We loved having her around and made it clear to us that we want to have a dog of our own. And now we have. 

Not that I am an expert after only two days of having Sushi, but here is what it worked so far for us. We all read theEasy Peasy Puppy Squeezy book by Steve Mann. It is easy, makes sense and works. Borrowing a #dog before having one was a fantastic experience, and I would recommend it to everyone. 

A puppy is not only for Covid-19, it's for life. Our lives together are already full of #adventures, #love, #laughter and dog pee.  If you need all of this, go on, treat yourself to a #puppy. You will forget to worry about most things, but you will create memories and experiences that will last a #lifetime.

Love, Nora

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