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Searching for Answers?

If you would ask me to define myself in my 20's I would say that I am a rational being, an atheist, totally not career-minded human, and flowing with the flow kind of person. Little did I know. 🔎 My Catholic/communist upbringing mixed with teenage rebellion made it easy for me to move away from religious/spiritual practices when I was 16. The turning point was when I reached 35 years old, and I had a proper breakdown in my #understanding of the world. I will not get into details now, but all I can say is I reached the limit of what the "mainstream" world could give me. So I looked for solutions in other #practices that saw me not just a bunch of cells moving around without other purposes than to multiply on this earth. 🔎 That doesn't mean I don't believe in #science (covid vaccines are done, I am married to a scientist ). At the same time, I am aware that powerful forces are using this opportunity to gain control (nothing new here, looking through history). But I also know the view of the world, based only on scientific methods, is limiting (even if science is more and more proving what shamans knew hundred of years ago ), and we are not just cells. And I am not the only one who is on the lookout. 🔎 Suppose you are on #media, more precise Instagram. In that case, you will see hundreds of #shamans, #tarot readers, #esoteric healers, #art therapists, #reiki #facilitators, shadow workers, #trauma informing humans, #embodied #coaches; you name it. There is something for everybody, and I love it. Of course, I do. Hence I work with facilitators. I always learn something new about myself and the world around me. 🔎 So I am excited about the first Monday Club - Online ⭐ session on Irish Divination coming up in three days, with Niamh Murray. She is one of a kind, an exotic cocktail of a geek, mixed with artistic flavors, a dash of mysticism, fantastic humor, and a sprinkle of shamanic magic—just my kind of soul. She makes lovely #Ogham cards (photo above ) that come with a digital booklet to help us, mear mortals, how to use them. To find out more about her, check out her Facebook page and her Etsy shop.

" Divination is a tool that allows us to understand the world around us and to reach into other levels of consciousness and being. " Niamh Murray

We are going to gather around my virtual living room. Bring your cup of tea or G&T, whatever rocks your boat. We will have two hours of knowing each other, connecting, learning about the Ogham, laughing at our mistakes while bringing more awareness into our world. What else is to be done on a Monday night? Tickets available here for £15. Hope to see some of you curious souls. Love, Nora

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