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Shamanic Workshop 4th of July

If you ever wondered what lies beneath the ancient wisdom of shamanism, this online workshop on the 4th of July may be the one for you. This day-long workshop is an introduction to Shamanism through Journeying, the principal tool of shamanic practitioners. It costs £95. To book your tickets or you are in need of a concession, please get in touch with Leandro

Leandro D'Andrea is the shaman that will guide throughout the day and share his wisdom. He was an apprentice in Peruvian Shamanism to Maestro of San Pedro, Rueben Orellana (Ph.D.). He's been working with traditional medicine plants, such as Ayahuasca in the Amazon and San Pedro in the highlands of Peru. Leandro studied Core Shamanism with Simon Buxton of The Sacred Trust. For more information about Leandro and his different work, please check his website:

Once the workshop starts, you will experience his knowledge in a very relaxed, fun way without pomposity but with deep reverence to the ancient wisdom.

I know this because I joined the same workshop a few weeks ago and what a day it was. I learned about the shamanic principles, how shamanic healing works, and how to Journey. Then we all practice Journeying, which is a powerful tool for direct experiences with spirit and to form our unique spiritual landscape. Now that was very interesting! Leandro told us that we would get the journey that we need, not necessarily the one we want. And off we went. We all had different experiences, and the group was so open and accepting of the diverse outcome we had. All I can say every time I came walking towards my home after a journeying session, I looked like I was drunk. At least that is what my teenage daughter said each time she saw me throughout the day. I felt like my mind had a deep massage, my body was relaxed even after hours of zooming, and I had a big smile on my face. It took me a while to utter words, which I am sure my family was quite happy about.

I recommend anyone to give shamanism a try. No previous experience is required, only an open heart. Your mind will thank you for it, as it will need to let go of control. You get to experience something new, although shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality. You will learn how to journey on your own. It's like coming back home.

Love, Nora

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