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Stretching The Curiosity Muscle

Master Sushi doing what she is best at, being #curious. I #love her for it. I have been thinking a lot about why we slowly get less curious over time and if there is anything we can do about it. If you want to know what annoys the hell out of me, put me around people who are not curious, dull, and lifeless. There I said it. But I think I am not the only one. Who likes boring people?!

🤸 We are born curious; it's in all of us. We #play, #grow, #learn, kiss that girl, move away, change jobs, have hobbies, #discover new lands and ideas and burn our fingers, sometimes because we are curious. When curiosity is #alive and kicking, we are alive and kicking.


So what happens along the way? We get stiff, because as with any other muscle if it is in no use, it shrinks. Life gets busy. We have different priorities and forget about it. Now, don't get me wrong. I love stability, rituals, some routine, but not too much. If we were constantly curious about stuff, we would be exhausted in a week or two. I am saying that the older we get, the balance tends to go towards fixed routines, ideas, and no desire to get out of the comfort zone and learn something #new.


To be curious, it means to: be willing to learn something new about ourselves and others trust that even if you step into unknown, you will be fine admit you might not know everything be comfortable being uncomfortable change your ideas, maybe view life as a mystery be alive 🤸

The benefits of #training regularly our curiosity muscle are multiple, but here is one that might interest everyone. Is that when shit hits the fan, and it will don't worry, we are better prepared and ready to try something new to deal with whatever challenges might come. The ones who are a bit stiff at the edges will struggle.


Now you might think, you need money, time, all sorts of stuff to train your curiosity muscle. I would argue that is not necessary. Trying something new might be just talking to that neighbour you never talked to or to the shopkeeper. Be curious about yourself, family members and friends. Trust me; there are always more stories that you haven't heard. There are a million things out there for free. If you want some inspiration, check what is happening in September with the events I am organising on my site. Go on, try something new. Love, Nora

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