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The Cherry on the Cake

We all want the cherry on the cake; remember, as kids, we would fight over it. For me, the actual event is like the cherry on the cake. And everything done before the event is the cake, full of layers of hard work, planning, imperfect dry, boring bits and creamy, delicious moments too. 🍒 I was reflecting on this lately as I am organising a fundraising event. Sometimes I get caught in the event's excitement and forget to enjoy the process. Indeed, the process is not as glamorous as the event, and I am dealing with new challenges and shifting plans. Also, I am not in charge of the final thing as I used to be for every event I organised until now. So that's massive as I like to be the boss. But I am learning new things about myself, others, and the fundraising world, so it is truly a valuable and essential process. I need to remind myself sometimes as the cherry is so alluring. 🍒 So if you have a birthday, work due, anniversary, retreat, wedding, or event, I hope you find joy, value and pleasure in planning, organising and sorting things out before the event. Because the process is equally valuable and there are no guarantees that the event will happen, so best to enjoy everything before it. This way, you keep being authentic, your efforts will not be in vain, and the bitter pill of disappointment might not be as hard to swallow. 🍒 George Kao, the inspiring, heart-lead, spiritual business/marketing coach I follow and love, puts this better than I. And if you have never heard about him before, check him out. His courses/books and videos are practical, heart-based and spiritual.

"Authenticity is to practice having no agenda, other than these purposes: Genuine expression of your best self Enjoyment of the process Heart-based service Friendship… thus playful collaboration!"

From my heart, Nora

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