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The Christmas Presence

Christmas is about getting #presents, seeing #family, eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow, while we connect and practice #kindness. It can also be a pressure cooker for many of us. Everything has to be #perfect, #conflicts put aside, be authentically #jolly, keep the energy #positive and high. I am one to fall for all of these traps.

If you are like me, prone to please, not clear on #boundaries, expecting #perfection no matter what, and kind of a #maniac when it comes to Christmas, then Jamie Catto'sWorkshop on this Saturday the 12th of December it's what we both need, my dear friend. It promises to help us navigate the minefield of #projections, #reactivity, #toxicity and semi-conscious hysteria that might appear during the #winter #holidays. Imagine floating serenely through it all. Bliss.

I am looking forward to Jamie Catto's workshop as I never saw him in action. It might be the best Christmas present I will get and share with my family. To learn more about him, check his website HERE and his fantastic #book that kept me sane during camping this year "Insanely Gifted". He also has a weekly free #online #gathering you can attend if you subscribe to his mailing list. Check him out. He is one of my favourite facilitators.

It's not to late to donate money HERE for my fundraising run that I organise for my birthday in January. The money raised go to two of my friends who are battling breast cancer. Thank you for every support. Share far and wide.

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