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The Family Bosom

It's the night before our teenage daughter is flying alone to her grandparents to dive deep into the #family bosom, literally. When you grow up in different countries than most of your family members, you really appreciate the bosom of the family.


After this year, it's even clearer that to be held, seen, loved and supported by the extended family is fundamental to our well being. Our teen was homeschooled for seven months during lockdowns as a single child, and after all this year, we became rather suffocating for her. So I am so happy that she is going and we get to #miss each other for a change.


Don't ask about the ordeals we had to go through to make this happen. Let's just say that it was Kafkaesque. Our nervous systems are already running on reserves, so any extra uncertainty, delay, change in #plan, and we get overwhelmed by it all. Yesterday, while waiting to get the covid test, we had a good #cry at the O2 car park, releasing a lot of tension, stress and anxiety. It was needed. Tell you the truth; I could have gone for hours.


I have a feeling we are not the only ones that lose their shit and feel #overwhelmed. Yes, the outside world looks calm and polite, but the minute you scratch the surface, there is a whole volcano of stuff coming to the surface, and it's not pretty. We can't deny that we went through something #traumatic as #humanity in this past year. We can pretend that it's all fine because the sun is out, the freedom day came, and we can fly if we have enough money to spend on tests and nerves to spare. I think it would be wise to acknowledge at least what has happened to #us, take a moment or two to see it for what it is, not for what we want it to be and don't keep positive for the sake of positivity. So I encourage you to check-in and see how you are, allow space for whatever it needs to come to the surface.


Maybe this summer, we don't need a #holiday to escape too; perhaps it's time to heal, reflect, recharge and dive into the #bosom of a loving family if we are lucky to have one. Our nervous system will thank you for it.


Love, Nora

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