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The gift of trying something new

It's that time of the year: get #gifts, clean house, prepare for #festivities, try not to kill one of your family members, #socialise, be #jolly and #travel if you can, while nature invites us to go inwards, slow down and reflect. So December is a crazy month, and anyone going through it without having at least one meltdown, it's Zen, in my opinion.


But at least there is THE VOUCHER to any of my online events coming up that can:

* save you time, to decide what on earth people like these days

* make you that cool family member that doesn't gift socks

* magically make you be remembered as the weird one

*support a small business


The Voucher offers someone you love or hate one experience they choose from The Monday Club and the Traditional Chinese Medicine webinars. They are all up on my site.

In other news, I am slowing down my #activities as my #body needs recharging, and my inner bear needs a bit of #hibernating before things start moving in January. I will still write to you and share some stuff on media. Please share how you are if you feel like it. I would love to hear from you all. Email, text, or send pigeons with messages if that's what you like.


I hope you all find a way to slow down this month, care for yourself, and #celebrate life.

Love, Nora

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