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The Jailbreak with Erika Chalkley

This is music to my ears. If you are like me, a #woman that is too #nice, or if you know someone that is, then Erika Chalkley is the one to teach us how to recover from it. She is trained in martial arts and #embodiment #facilitator who helps women who are too nice and want to move towards #kindness. I love her direct, kind style and that she uses the body to deepen the lessons learned.

The 20-day challenge to find your freedom from niceness #lockdown starts on the 25th of January until 19th of February. It's on every weekday at 5 pm-6.15 pm. Every session will be recorded so if you miss a #class you can watch it later until the end of February. £100 is a fantastic price for a month of #practical #courses, cutting edge embodied learning, incredible #teachers, and soulful #sisterhood. Book tickets HERE.

" Living within the walls of niceness is like permanently living in a lockdown." Erika Chalkley

Yes, I will be attending. Yes, it is before dinner time, but dinner can be moved because this is #important for me. I am a recovering "too nice of a woman." I allow people to cross #boundaries that I am not aware of. I think myself small and try to please people. I #compromise, and then I get angry for doing it. I am getting better at it as I become more aware of the slippery slopes of being too nice. But having a teacher to #inspire you and other women who are going through the same process is a #powerful #tool and needed, especially now.

If this sounds familiar to you, check her out. You will find all the details about the other teachers she invited and a more in-depth plan for each day on her website HERE. I am looking forward to meeting all the other facilitators invited for this series of #events. And maybe I will see some of you too.

Love, Nora

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