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The Master in Authentic Marketing

If you are like me shrivelling and having a bitter taste just at the thought of #marketing, then fear not, there is hope for all of us. George Kao is an expert in Authentic Content Marketing. In the last eleven years, he's been developing #courses on #joyful #productivity, #social #media and giving authentic advice for #soulful #entrepreneurs. Sounds refreshingly good to me.

George Kao is an interesting human being, and his story is equally inspiring. Before coaching authentic marketing, he had his own successful business selling online courses that lead him to have a breakdown and a breakthrough as he calls it. He decided to scale down and for two years taught one-to-one classes, and began studying what real and lasting change looks like. George realised something we all know but not necessarily apply, especially in business.

"The core idea is the Golden Rule—Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you".- George Kao

In recent years there is much talk about living a life that is authentic to your heart, soul, and spirit. Kao argues that the same #principles have to be applied to #businesses. It is refreshing to know that more and more people want to do that. I want to join them. I know many of my friends, facilitators struggle with media, marketing and have a love/hate relationship with it. Me too. Since I started watching his videos on his media and at The Embodiment Conference, listening to his podcasts and reading his book "Authentic Content Marketing" things have shifted in the right direction. His online courses are affordable, and next year I will join a few, as I am interested in this. What can I say? I like him a lot.

If you find marketing interesting or frustrating like me, or you are starting a business, or being unhappy with what conventional marketing #gurus are trying to sell you then George Kao is the man for you. Check his Facebook, Instagram, YouTube account. There are tons of free stuff, and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Love, Nora

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