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Times Are Changing

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

In the current situation, we are all challenged in one way or another. My challenge is to build bridges while we are socially distancing. I will be sharing my experiences with different masters and locals through my newsletters. Hopefully they will inspire others to support them or connect to their local shops, artists and teachers.

I hope that this email finds you in good health and strong spirit. Pavlina and I had the time to think about our next step since the lockdown started and we both agree that we need to do our own things. So I will continue developing and adapting to our current situation as Nora's Events from now on. I want to do my part in this new environment.

I will be supporting local shops, not only by shopping but also by telling the community their stories so everyone can help however they can by making sure that they don't go out of business. Use them or you lose them!

I will be sharing my experiences with #artists, #teachers, and #facilitators that I know and love working with. They are brave souls that have taken the challenge to survive in the crazy and wonderful world of #online #classes and #workshops. We all know that artists and self-employed have been badly hit by the quarantine situation. Also, this is exactly the time for artists, #futurists, and people who think out of the box to be heard. They can help us to make sense of what is going on, understand ourselves, and the world from different perspectives. I would hope their #voice could be a part of a wider vision of the #future. Until then I want to help spread their ideas, skills, and joy to our #community.

If you find this inspiring, please forward to your friends and community.

My first master I want to introduce to you is Svagito Leibermeister.

The first thought that crossed my #mind when I realised that we are going to be staying home in self-isolation for quite a long time, besides, getting toilet paper and gin, is that I need to take care of my #sanity. One of my ways I manage is through meditation. Svagito is a psychotherapist and spiritual teacher.

Every Sunday he holds online mediation for FREE. Hundreds of people join from all over the world. He uses different types of meditation, all designed to help settle the mind and open the #heart. I find them very effective. I managed to convince my husband to try it last week! 

Most of his meditations are based on the Book of Secrets- Osho. Svagito and Osho believe that all humans have the capacity to reach enlightenment and live without suffering. I also agree on that. It might take me several life times but it's worth the effort. the Sunday meditations are a gateway towards the unknown and getting comfortable with that. Covid- 19 has brought many fears to the surface. Best to take this opportunity and face them. Meditation is one of many tools to help us with that.

Happy Easter!

Stay sane and healthy, Nora

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