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Tired of overthinking? Cat Moyle is here to help

I saw Cat Moyle in action at The Jailbreak with Erika and was deeply impressed by her gentle yet #powerful practice. Her style is soft and #warm, like a duvet wrapping around the body. It felt like #home; there was no pressure, and highly soothing to our #nervous #system.

I am delighted to collaborate and offer one session on Helping Overthinkers on the 22nd of April. I have a felling I am not the only one. We will learn how to plug into our #bodies to help us navigate the #mind storm. I think the title says it all but for more details, especially for the over thinkers, head to the link below.

If you can't wait until then, join Cat this Sunday to her soothing #workshop: Gentle Sunday. I will be there too, resting in myself, as God knows I need some #nourishment. For more info:

In the last year, I held my #family and #friends more than ever before. I am one to hold, prop others, and I enjoy it when I don't need to juggle extra balls in the air: pandemic mess, lockdown issues, fear of the virus, keeping distance, you get my drift. And yes, of course, I was also held in my darkest hours but not enough. Because we all have a limited amount of #energy and everyone is depleted. We can't take care of others if we are not taking care of ourselves.

Now I want to be held, not #fixed, #healed, or anything else than nourished. If you feel the same, Cat Moyle is just what we all need at this moment.

Love, Nora

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