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Try Something New

Here is me in 2019 in the Greenwich Steiner School play. I am not into #performing and peed myself several times before the start of the #play, litteraly. But I wanted to feel what #actors feel when they perform. And I loved it, not that I am going on the #stage anytime soon. It was #fun, #exciting, learned #new things and I joined adult drama classes as a result of it, for a while. And I am sure all of you have similar stories. As humans, we are here because we dared to cross continents, jumped into the unknown, and had the #curiosity to do it. Don't get me wrong; I love a good old ritual, and even a good old story told many times can bring me joy (depending on the story ). But what makes me get up in the morning with a spring in my step (almost ) excites and inspires me the most is when I experience something new. I mean, this past year, we had to experience new things, some more unpleasant than others. I feel we also had to shrink our worlds and had much fewer opportunities to explore, get adventurous, and grow joyfully. Yes, I agree, we grow through hardship, but I am talking about learning through new #experiences that we #consciously choose to try out, not imposed by governments, fears, and viruses. So I invite you to do that. Consciously try new things, because:

  • we grow through them

  • we learn something new about ourselves and others

  • we create new stories to share with the world

  • life is too short to be bored

  • last year just proved that we need to appreciate and enjoy life to the max more than ever

  • the opposite is not very sexy or appealing, trust me

  • your kids/partners will be grateful for it

  • we need to get comfortable again in taking risks

  • being comfortable is not all there is to life

Here is some inspiration:

🍃 watch me trying something new here

🍃 join one of my online events coming up here

🍃 if you live in Greenwich area, join The Monday Club at The Conservatoire, opening on the 17th of May.

Love, Nora

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