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💔 Vulnerability in Action

This is me, having my first #dance in seven weeks after the operation. Deeply #vulnerable. If you want to watch the video, click on the photo. In June, at The Monday Club in Blackheath, we had nine brave souls joining us at the #grief session, and it was absolutely beautiful. There is something deeply #nourishing about witnessing and holding each other while we get in touch with grief, especially if you have Sarah and Tony Pletts to hold the space for it. I am absolutely delighted that they are again part of The Monday Club, this time online.

This next grief tending session on the 8th of November is for everyone in my opinion but here is some inspiration. Join us if you are:

🕯 experiencing #bereavement 🕯 a parent (as having children is a constant letting go process) 🕯 going through #divorce, separation or relationship loss 🕯 keen to get in touch with grief in a safe group 🕯 letting go of a part of yourself, growing 🕯 looking for deep connections through #vulnerability 🕯 feeling overwhelmed by the global #loss we go through right now 🕯 in need to be #witnessed while holding grief 🕯 curious about grief tending workshops 🕯 in need of good old cry

Here is the link to reserve your place.

Judging by the reaction I got on media posting my first dance after the operation (photo above ), I gather that we are looking to see more #vulnerability and #heart-opening experiences in our lives. Not just funny memes. The grief session is all about that.

Happy Halloween, Samhain and Day of the Dead!


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