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What Grief Got To Do With Your Events?

You might wonder why I want to write about grief and what it has to do with events. Our family is going through grief and loss; in November, we celebrated the Day of the Dead, and in my opinion, this is the month where we start going inwards and meet darkness in all shapes and forms. The other reason is that how we grieve is connected to how we live, and events reflect that. If we shy away from death and pain, we shy away from life, and the events we host in our lives will be lifeless and dull. And that, my friend, is a big shame. So how we meet death and grief is essential for our events.


"Try to exclude the possibility of suffering which the order of nature and the existence of free wills involve, and you find that you have excluded life itself. " C. S. Lewis


I know you would love to go ahead and order the food and book the venue for your event, but before doing all of that practical stuff, spend some time reflecting on your death and the inevitability of it all. What would you do differently if you knew you only had a little time to live on this earth?

I find death a brilliant teacher and puts things in perspective.


Maybe you will not care so much about the decorations and will focus on your relationships instead. Perhaps you will forgive past friends and invite them over, or you will invite only those who matter. Maybe you will not let silly stuff like dust, the shape of your house or money stay in your way of inviting people over. And maybe you will have more meaningful events in your life and say no to those who are not. Imagine that.


Here are the two books I am reading now about grief, and I believe every household should have them: Finding Meaning by David Kessler and Grief Works by Julia Samuel.

From my heart, Nora

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1 Comment

Nov 11, 2022

Sending you my love, wanting the Universe to sorround you with warmth and serenity. Cariños, Patricia


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