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What I learned from running

Two more days until my 10km #fundraising #run!!!!

It's not too late to DONATE HERE

I can't believe I am almost there. When I started this #campaign, I didn't know what an adventure it will be.

I thought £1,000 will be a stretch to raise as it's my first time I do a fundraising campaign. Yet we raised £800 in the first few days and then I thought ok let's go to £1,500, which also was too low. To this day we raised the fantastic sum of £2,450!!!! I am eternally grateful for every single #donor. Your #generosity it's been pouring in all sort of ways: donations, messages, reiki healing vibes and virtual encouragements. You proved that #compassion is alive and kicking in our world.

I never ran so much in my entire life. My body is fitter, #stronger than ever, even if I didn't lose any weight. For that, I need to stop eating #cake and be less stressed. That is the next level.

I discovered that I still don't like running. I like it when I stop. However, I love what it does to my #mind. Running is like mental flossing. Not something I enjoy but necessary. So I will keep running after this. I am also looking for another #cause to keep me motivated so if any of you have a project that needs a boost of cash, get in touch. I surprised myself and realised that I like fundraising and I might be good at it.

The only thing I am sad is that I can't #celebrate with you, in the park with Cava and cake. That was the plan, but since the situation is not looking good in London, we will need to do it another time. I am planning, dreaming, organising for the #party of all parties at the end of this pandemic. Maybe a series of parties. One day it will be over, and we will hug, kiss and dance together again. Watch this space.

Have a drink for me this Sunday, where ever you are. I will post updates on social media to see how I am doing and what world record I break with my run. Haha.

Love, Nora

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