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Women Dancing for Sanity

I am away in northern Transilvania to visit my family, celebrate my mum's birthday, enjoy some snow and a break from my work (almost). Maybe you noticed I didn't send my usual Friday newsletter or maybe you didn't :) Anyway, I wanted to make this #event #live for a while now, so I am glad to announce that finally, I got the space and the dates I wanted for it.


The inspiration for this event came from my birthday #party when I saw how much joy and pleasure #women got from letting themselves loose and #dancing their hearts out in the company of others. I know that dancing is a way to connect to my #body and #emotions, recharge and process shit. It's fun, though sometimes it doesn't start with that emotion.

Dancing keeps me sane (almost).

When you see my highly embarrassing moves on my media, I hope all of you get inspired to put your favourite song and shake it out without shame.


These events are created with simplicity in mind—no facilitators, fuss and minimum of instructions. Women, in particular, are constantly told what and how to do, feel, act and improve. I am all for self-improvements, classes, and workshops; I also organise those. But there is also a need for just being.

Dancing for Sanity is a space for just being with ourselves while dancing our feelings. Connecting to other women will be available but optional.


Freedom is what we crave.

Freedom to dance like no one is watching.

Freedom to embrace our bodies as they are.

Freedom to feel what ever needs to be felt at that moment.


We start on the 11th of March, just a few days after International Women's Day, in the beautiful space at Blackheath Quaker Meeting Room. If you are a woman or identify as a woman and live near the Greenwich area and want to dance for sanity with us, check the details below.

In other news, this coming Monday evening, we have Jamie Catto coming back due to popular demand to ⭐️ The Monday Club ⭐️. This time it's all about relationships and what gifts lie behind those annoying ones. It's going to be playful yet insightful as usual. Jamie has an excellent sense of humour.

Details below.

Always love, Nora


🎈 21st of February Free Relationship Insurance with Jamie Catto

🎈7th of March Free Playing with Paints with Renata Chubb

🎈 21st of March Free Embodied Voice with Kate Smith

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