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You Should give a Fuck, but only about what Brings you Alive

I found this poem on FB this morning and spoke to me. I hope it speaks to you too.

"you should give a fuck. really.

but only about what brings you alive.

the magic that makes you sing

with rapture and dance like a dervish,

when you let yourself be filled with joy

the sparkle of your heart knows no bounds.

spend your fucks on mermaids and fairy tales

and your own life rising

like a phoenix from the ashes.

save your fucks for magical shit."


Poem by Angi Sullins

Here is what is coming next at Nora's Events

🎈Tomorrow evening we have the last Monday Club session for this series, and we finish in style by singing badly together, gently guided by Kate Smith. This will definitely push me out of my comfort zone, but hey, ho, it's on zoom so only the neighbours will hear me. So who cares.

🎈 On the 1st of April, we, women, will be Dancing for Sanity in Quaker's Meeting House. No, it's not a joke. My teenage daughter will be the DJ as she is much better than me. It's about time to pay me back for all those tantrums that scarred me for life :)

If you want to be part of a community of curious souls on media, you can join us on the Facebook Group - The Monday Club - for the curious below.

I'll be back : 🌱 in April with another series of seven Monday Clubs starting on the 25th and a monthly webinar with Mr Wang on Traditional Chinese Medicine. 🌱 with launching a monthly session of The Hang Out Room for teens (13-16) in Mycenae House in May 🌱 Dancing for Sanity in Blackheath with other women each month before the summer break 🌱And last but not least a new service: helping local, busy, ordinary women hosting stress free gatherings with their friends. More on that soon. It might seem like all these events are random. Still, they do have a common thread: they all help us self-discover: sometimes through trying something new, dancing with others, hanging out without too much supervision with our peers, and a deeper understanding of our body. I love hosting them, and each brings different challenges on the way and, of course, help me self-discover too.

Have a lovely Sunday, Nora

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