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Art Therapy with Eleanor Sara Darley

The first time I heard about #art #therapy was from the Steiner #community years ago, but I never paid too much attention. I used to have this silly old #idea that art is reserved for only special, talented people and that therapy it's for everyone else than me. Besides that, I was FINE.

🌹 A lot has changed since then. I am practically a guinea pig when it comes to trying new therapies out. I love it. So when Eleanor Sara Darley contacted me to collaborate with me for The Monday Club and her thing is Art Therapy, I jumped to it. I joined one of her #online classes a few weeks ago without even reading about it. I knew I had to bring a tulip, pen and paper. That day I also felt annoyed and frustrated. I should say that my #drawing skills are stick man level. Let's say drawing is not my forte.

🌹 In that one hour session Eleanor, gently guided us into #connection to our #flowers and the message that it holds for us. Our focus wasn't on getting the perfect drawing. The purpose was to stay connected with the flower and open to its message while we draw it. It's hard to put it in words. At one point, I felt so #calm and #relaxed, like being held by the entire universe. By the end of that class, I had a pretty mediocre sketch, a sense that everything is as it should be and left frustration-free. Every participant had a different experience, all valid and helpful in their own way.

🌹 I left not knowing what actually happened with my rational mind and struggled to explain it to my loved ones. But they felt it through my behaviour as I had this silly wide smile and felt calm for the rest of the evening. What can I say? It would be best if you experienced it, so you understand me. Just be mindful that everyone has #different reactions, messages and #experiences. To quote Leandro:

" You get what you need, not what you want." Leandro - The Shaman

🌹 I am delighted that Eleanor is part of ⭐ The Monday Club ⭐ starting next week at Blackheath Conservatoire. Her session is on the 24th of May. We will have a beautiful spring bouquet waiting for you to choose the flower that speaks to you. We will provide all drawing materials. All you need is an open mind, curiosity and £15 in your pocket.

If you are not based in London, please check her site below. She has online workshops coming up, so you can try them in the comfort of your home.

Love, Nora

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