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Free This Weekend Only!

First of all, what is #embodiment? I have to tell you the truth I didn't know until I saw a few facilitators at The Embodiment Conference a few weeks ago. Embodiment is feeling your #body. We experience, feel, think, relate, take action through our bodies. Mark Walsh, the founder of The Embodiment Conference, organised this once in a lifetime event (500.000 people participated) a few weeks ago as a response to the great #need #humanity has for #connectivity. The way towards #authentic #connections to others and to Mother Nature is by being connected to our bodies. The body has its own #wisdom and #knowledge that we have forgotten to listen to. The argument is that if you are disembodied, wholly disconnected from your body, then there is no #empathy, and the path towards cruelty is open. God knows we need more #compassion at the moment! 

I find it very relevant to the current situation where we have social distancing rules to follow, we spend more and more time on endless zoom meetings, connecting with our brains, while ignoring the body until it hurts. I know I have been abusing my body for a while now. It is a crazy year, that is my excuse. However, the real reason is that I got used to using my body, without listening to the signs and leaving it last on my #priority list. More importantly, I forgot that listening to my body and lovingly caring for it can heal #traumas, change harmful #patterns and anxieties that I store inside.  

If you are interested in learning about embodied practices related to #trauma, #business, #dancing, #movement, #martial, #healing #arts, #leadership, #coaching, #therapy, #intimacy, #ecology, #meditation, and #yoga, then look no further.

The whole conference library is FREE for this weekend 7th-8th of November 2020.

All you need to do is to register for free and browse through. Find the #facilitators you want to see, there is literally one thousand to choose from, so be selective. 

There are many great people to be inspired from, such as: 

  • Peter Lavine - Developer of Somatic Experiencing method, bestselling author, PhD of medical biophysics and Gr of Psychiatry.

  • Dr Gabor Mate - Renowned speaker and bestselling author on topics including addiction, stress and childhood development. His books helped my husband a lot.  

  • Tara Brach - Founder and guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, author of internationally bestselling Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion

  • Alanis Morissette - Musician, Singer, Songwriter

  • Ruby Wax - Comedian, presenter, author and prominent mental health speaker. I love her books. 

  • Jack Kornfield - Bestselling American author and teacher in the vipassana movement in American Theravada Buddhism

  • Michaela Boehm - Teacher, counsellor and expert in intimacy and sexuality

  • Mark Walsh - Founder of the Embodied Facilitator Course, The Embodiment Podcast and The Embodiment Conference. Saw his talk on Ethical Marketing and Self-Care.

  • Erika Chakley - Embodiment educator, somatic coach and meditation teacher. She has a good talk for women who are too nice — a must for me!!

This weekend 7th-8th of November is a unique opportunity for those who missed the conference and can't afford to buy the library. However, they have different #deals for every budget. Tomorrow they will launch an attractive offer for the "best of" collection including 13 most in-demand and 13 "wildcards" for $49. Not bad at all. So check their website HERE. This weekend is going to be worth flattening your butt for — for a change. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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