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I am no Jesus. I am a shopkeeper :)

I had an excellent conversation with my cousin today, and he said to me something I never considered before. He said: you are no Jesus, Nora.

First of all, that made me laugh as, of course, I am not Jesus. Then my ego had a little spin around at the thought of being Jesus. And after that, my overthinking kicked in made me wonder if people think that I believe I am Jesus and have a right to tell people what to do or not.

Let's clarify some things.

I really don't know what works for you, what your needs are unless you tell me so. I am always open to having a #conversation about it. You know how to find me.

I share my experiences with all sorts of healers, artists, and facilitators and talk about my self-discovery journey because I love sharing myself. I hope my stories will inspire you to try new things, to learn more about yourself and others, to stay curious, and of course, heal some shit on the way.

As my dear friend Cat said today on Instagram live, I am a #shopkeeper at a Gelateria (one of those with lots of flavors and high-quality ingredients ). But instead of ice cream, I sell self-discovering experiences. I tried all these #experiences and selected those that touched my #heart, #soul, and #body the most. There are millions of ice cream flavors out there. I have the time, passion, and curiosity to try them out. I pick those that are practical, simple, effective, and suit my values: #playfulness, #authenticity, and #inspiring.

If you come into my shop by subscribing to my #newsletter or following me on media, I gather you like ice cream and you are curious. If you don't, that is also OK. Please don't feel any pressure to stay around if this is not what you need, seriously. I am not going to chase you on the street like they do on Brick Lane. But if you decide to stay in my shop, as a shopkeeper, I will tell you about all sorts of flavors I have, invite you to try them out, and see which one you like. I would love to get to know you and connect. Also, I will ask what you would like to see in my shop; maybe I can provide what you need or if not direct you where you might find it.

That is all I do.

So, I am not Jesus; I am just a shopkeeper ;)

May you all go in peace, Nora

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