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⭐Last Monday Club of this year coming up

Here is Baba Yaga, a supernatural creature that lives in many Slavic old #folk stories. I learned about her from Nana Tomova, the #storyteller coming at this year's last ⭐ Monday Club ⭐ session on the 6th of December.

We have done so much and traveled so far together.

Now it's a time to be.

The to-do list can wait. Everything can wait.

The nights are long, and the days are short in the northern hemisphere at this time of the year. Our ancestors used to gather by the #fire and #listen to stories to #warm their bodies and souls.


And this evening with a bit of imagination is no different.

So please bring anything that makes you feel cozy: blankets, tea, mulled wine, candles, and join me in my virtual living room.

We will also have time to connect, share and say our goodbyes before taking a well-deserved break over Christmas time.


Nana is a traditional oral #storyteller with a honey-like voice and combines her many skills in creating beautiful #experiences such as nature #story #walks and The Story Apothecary podcast available on all apps.

Check her out

Love, Nora

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