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Leandro- The Shaman

Hey babe- take a walk on the wild side

Last autumn I went to see a shaman in exotic Brockley. If you know me, I am one to try all sorts of conventional and not so typical experiences. Nothing prepared me for this one, and that was good. I like to be surprised.

I was supposed to see a female shaman; however, there was a double booking, and I was offered to have a session with Leandro D'Andrea instead. And I did. He is a shaman with the kindest, piercing eyes. His laugh is from the belly, full-hearted and making ripples through my being. I think he could also do laughing therapy sessions.  

It is hard to express in words what happened during the #shamanic #journeying session. But I will try. It took no time to go at the core of what I was struggling with. I was stuck with the identity of the good girl from childhood, the one that takes care of everyone. The best part was when he asked me: are you ready to let go of the pattern and embrace the whole of me. I was holding on to this idea more than I thought.

 And then he took me on this magical, beautiful, mystical shamanic ritual while my eyes were closed. I felt transported somewhere else. His voice, the sounds he made, the drums, the smells, all led me on the journey towards a state of being that I forgot, long time ago."

Profound calmness and acceptance washed over me. At the end, he hugged me like an old friend that I haven't seen in a long time ago. I left feeling grateful and rebooted.

That was my experience; please remember that everyone has different ones. You get what you need, not necessarily what you expect.

Despite being in New Zealand right now, he is sharing his wisdom and knowledge with the world as all good teachers do. During the lockdown, Leandro is offering daily journeying circles, introduction to #shamanism workshops (next on the 23rd of May) and a fundraising weekly drumming circle that has raised £500 so far for British Red Cross and COOK-19.  He also reactivated the weekly men's circle, and he is doing one to one sessions over skype and WhatsApp for both men and women. To find more go to the Wildmanjourney website.

There are things in life that reside in the #mystic realm, and they are a part of us. It took me ages to accept that unknown part of myself, as my mind couldn't see it as a possibility. I don't know what it is, yet. I might never know. But I am curious about it. If you are looking for answers, you might need to step on the wild side of life.  And then you need a good #teacher as Leandro D'Andrea.

May the #spirit guide you all, Nora

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