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The Essence of Us

What is the essence of us?

I have so many layers, #identities I carry around that sometimes I get confused about who I am underneath it all. When I think of my #essence, is think of that thing, quality, fragrance, #feeling, you name it, that I always carry with me in every moment. I might not be aware of it, and it might not show, but it is there. It usually shines when I am not forcing it or pay attention to it, just like in this photo above.


I was so delighted that Alexandra Dao captured this moment at our private session. I chose her to be one of the eight #facilitators I introduce at The Monday Club without knowing the wonderful #experience she can create, until I had this session. I love her #photos as they are unusual, painting-like and capture life as it is. Delight your eyes @alexandra_dao.


On the 28th of June at The Monday Club, at Blackheath Conservatoire, a few #curious souls will have the opportunity to experience her and have their portrait taken. It will be a social event, having nibbles and drinks while each of us takes turns to have a conversation with Alexandra about the object we each bring while she catches the essence of us. For more details about this event, click HERE .


I never thought having my #portrait taken its such fun. I was so nervous for the first few moments but then all fell into place, naturally and lovingly guided by Alexandra. I loved the fact that you bring something you #love and talk about it while she takes photos. I never looked into the camera, and at one point, I forgot entirely about it. It was just a meeting between two curious #souls, and I will cherish it forever.


This is the photo I choose to print and frame as an #heirloom for our daughter. I love that I can leave something so #beautiful, my essence, on a piece of paper for our daughter to have. I know I have a million photos on our devices, but this one it's imprinted on my heart, and I would choose heart over any device.


I hope you have at least one photo that captures the essence of you, and you can share it with your loved ones.

Love, Nora

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