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What grief and a swimsuit have in common?

I have been thinking about #grief this weekend as I prepare for the Grief Circle coming next week at ⭐ The Monday Club ⭐. It is the hardest thing to sell. But I decided to channel my inner Greta Thurnberg and don't give up on this matter dear to my #heart. I believe connecting to all ranges of #emotions, grief included, has the power to bring #aliveness into our lives and holds the key to our #happiness. 👙 Now you might be thinking, where is the swimsuit coming into this? Grief and swimsuits have the power to bring us on the verge of #crying and immense #joy. 😊 I was excited to be in the sun, as I am half-lizard, half-human, but I was dreading the moment of squeezing in one of my swimsuits. It was so annoying. I felt like a sausage. Yep. The pandemic year has left its mark on my body. Being in a #swimsuit is being #vulnerable. But yet, I wanted to be in the sun, enjoying the garden. Eventually got out and relaxed in the sun. Yes, my swimsuit was tight in places and brought me on the verge of tears, but it also made it possible to enjoy the weather, have fun and relax into myself. 🌭 Grief is the same, we need to connect to it, and we know the #benefits are bountiful, but we also dread it. It takes #courage, #practice, #inspiration from others, #support and knowledge that #loss is a part of life. It's nothing to be ashamed of; it's natural and sometimes a pain in the butt, just like an ill-fitted swimsuit but worth getting in touch with. 🤦‍♀️ So I invite you to connect to your grief however you feel fit, alone or in groups. I believe in the power of #gatherings. Grief is one of those big emotion that is best to be held with others. If you feel the same:

➡️ join us 7th of June, ⭐ The Monday Club ⭐ in Blackheath Conservatoire, for a grief circle held by Sarah & Tony Pletts. They are trained to hold grief-tending groups and travelled the world to learn about all sorts of grief practices. This session brings awareness to different types of griefs and the opportunity to share your grief with others in a small, safe, confidential group if you want to—no pressure to do or say anything. ➡️ join online grief tending rituals with Sarah and Tony at The Psychedelic Society; check their site for the next session

Love, Nora

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