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Shamanic Drumming-Oxleas Wood

Join us outdoors at the beautiful walled garden in Oxleas Woods, Greenwich, for #shamanic #drumming with Leandro D'Andrea on the 8th of August. We are going to drum together and let ourselves go into an alternate state of #consciousness. No previous experience required, just your will to try something new or to meet again with the drum.

  • When: the 8th and the 29th 

  • Times: 10am-11.30am

  • Where: Oxleas Woods, walled garden

  • Limited to 12 participants

  • Adult standard: £15

  • Adult low income: £10

  • Only for adults

  • Book your places HERE.

Drums are the oldest musical and #healing instruments, used by many #cultures around the world. There is something primordial in the deep #sound and #vibrations of the drum. I felt it myself recently when I got my drum.  We are going to be guided by Leandro- the shaman. I had experienced him through Shamanic Healing, Drumming Circles, and Introduction to Shamanism Workshop. Just come and experience it on your own. If you have a drum, please bring it along; otherwise, we will provide it. Let us know at Not every day you get the chance to drum outdoors together with others and a shaman. It is going to be a magical event unless it rains. So come out and play. Let the drumming begin.  Love, Nora 

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