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Therapy Is The New Sexy

Oh yes, baby 😍

It's not the stockings or the high heels, or the red lipstick or the peachy bum. It's #therapy that makes me #sexy. When we do therapy, we become more confident, trusting, loving, mature, relaxed, and #fun to be around, which is what sexy means to me. (ok, the stockings help but not in the long run ).

💡 Now let's see what therapy is? Conventionally we think of therapy as talking therapy. But that is one type, and there is a myriad of therapies out there. Some bring old shit to the surface, provide #healing, might be #nourishing and bring understanding, and some go to the core of things and release #blockages.

No matter what therapy you choose, all good therapies have one thing in common: they bring #awareness into our living being.

💡 Awareness is like switching a light into the living room of your being. When we put the light on, we start seeing the dust, the rubbish in the corners that might need to be thrown out, and the #beauty we have inside. We start seeing the tools to help us, like the hoover and the duster. So it might be sometimes rough, and it will need our effort. No one can clean our mess, and why would they. I never really like it when we used to have cleaners; they never do it exactly as I like and want it.

💡 Who needs therapy? Everyone. Why? Because we all need awareness. Without it, we are cleaning in the dark, breaking vases, stumbling on the furniture, more mess than cleaning. Look at the world we live in: full of traumatised people running the show. If we want something else for ourselves and the future of our #planet, #humanity, we better work on ourselves to create a new, updated humanity. Who doesn't want that?

💡 The good news is that the more aware we are, everything becomes therapeutic: walking in the park, talking to a friend, breathing consciously, chasing your dog, playing with your partner, your work, arguments, changes. Eventually, you become a light onto yourself. We will not need any light switches from outside. We will have your internal #light switch.

And that, my friends, is the ultimate state of our being. But until then, let's get some therapy and be sexier.

In need of inspiration:

➡️ 24th of May - Art Therapy - Drawing Therapy with Eleanor Sara Darley at ⭐The Monday Club⭐ Blackheath Conservatoire

➡️ 19th of June - Live Family Constellation Workshop with Debbie Beauchamp at Mycenae House, Greenwich

Love, Nora

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